A bit of clarification

Hey all, I just wanted to clarify something. This website is a collection of art from many different countries and cultures. The artwork I post here (currently only photography) is not mine. I am only 19- I wish I could, but I have not yet had time to travel the world and take all these gorgeous photographs. I am a photographer myself, and in time I may post some of my own photography, but currently none of mine is displayed here. At the end of each post, I have provided the artist/photographer’s name and a link to their website. Please take a look at more of their work. In some cases I will post more than one work from an artist, but I will always limit myself to three. There are many more works of art on their websites and I strongly encourage you all to explore more of their work.

Thanks for visiting. It means so much to me and to all the artists featured here.


~ by eni on August 29, 2008.

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